About Us


When three generations come together with a shared love in helping children, magic happens. Caroline McLain, Madilyn McLain and Micheline Etkin, combined their positive inner voices to empower children around the world. Shine Your Light, offers Bilingual Affirmations, and My Feelings Matter sentence completion cards. They want these to be tools, which help children nurture connections with themselves.

Working as a school nurse, Caroline, learned that children need time throughout the day to slow down, to reflect and to reconnect with themselves because the world moves at a fast pace. So creating moments of gratitude, stillness, and simplicity, she believes, is a tremendous gift to give children at a young age.

Micheline helps her community by her involvement with local and global charities benefiting children around the world. She has been a tremendous role model to her daughter and grandchild.

Madilyn is a spiritual and sensitive child who has a tremendous passion for art and writing affirmations. This is how Shine Your light got started!

Three generations coming together to help make this world a little bit brighter, one affirmation at a time.

Kid owned business.